A Final word or two by Ralph Mueller

Wed, 2014-11-05 04:17

Ralph MuellerAs the conference chair I'm going to exercise executive privilege to have the final word (or two), which must be - Thank you. It was a great week thanks to the speakers, sponsors, participants, staff and performers and their commitment, creativity and energy. I hope you'll all join us again in 2015 to help build another great event.

Every year when we start planning, we ask ourselves what we'd like to bring back again to the conference. Something that makes an appearance every year is our sponsor's creativity in designing their exhibits. Here are some of the favorites from this year.

Sponsor Banner


For IoT fun we had several great exhibits including Bitreactive, Actuate and logi.cals.

Here we see that Bitreactive and the BSI Scout getting together to capture photos of participants.







On booth design, I'd vote for the qivicon exhibit. Apparently its light weight, inexpensive and very durable.




Also, very interactive.






Itemis engaged me with their booth ideas - but I guess everyone loves a Robot!









And, for connecting with IoT, logi.cals and Actuate did great booth demos.






Finally, for creative booth staffing solutions:






See you next year!


PS - You can see videos of the IoT Playground demos, including logi.cals on YouTube.