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Monday, 27 October

Business Process Management Suites (BPMs) are a core part of enterprise architecture. They are used both in larger enterprises and in small and medium-sized businesses to manage workflow, and for document processing, system integration, and business activity monitoring.

Currently, more and more requirements are being addressed with open-source BPMs in addition to commercial products. Open source systems such as Eclipse Stardust, Bonita BPM, and jBPM have reached a level of maturity in functionality and scalability that is comparable with large commercial BPMs. These solutions are used across industry domains – in financial services, production, telecommunication, logistics, and government.

The Eclipse BPM Day on Monday, 27 October presents usage scenarios and project success stories from different industries that are all leveraging open source BPMS. The presentations will cover business requirements, technology decisions, addressing current challenges, as well as system operations aspects.

Why Attend the BPM Day?

If your work includes requirements such as

  • Distributing work among different users in different roles
  • Connecting systems via messaging, REST, web services or other technologies
  • Processing documents from scanning, fax, or email entry to document indexing and data extraction
  • Monitoring of processes to measure SLAs or KPIs

then the BPM Day is for you! Whether you are an architect, product manager, or project manager, the presentations at the BPM Day will give you condensed experience that will support the decisions you make.

How to Sign Up

Please note: Registration is still open for people attending the BPM Day only, but is sold out for those attending the full conference.

  • When: Monday, 27 October, 10:00 - 17:00 (the day before the conference starts)
  • Where: Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg, Germany (the conference venue)
  • Cost: €100 plus VAT
  • Lunch, beverages, and breaks are included
  • Register on the conference Registration page
BPM Day Agenda
9:00-9:30 Badge Pickup and Welcome Coffee
9:45-10:00 Marc Gille Welcome and Introduction
10:00-10:45 Adrian Mos
Research Scientist, Xerox Research
From Domain-Specific Process Design to Execution and Back
When designing business processes, some business analysts can often benefit from using the language of their domain rather than the standard BPMN. Naturally once domain-specific models are finished, more technical users may want to enhance them with technical artifacts using BPMN in specialized editors. Eventually these models need to be executed using the BPMS engine of choice. Once the processes run, it is important to understand how they perform and for this it is essential to present the relevant information in a way that is understandable to the various users involved in the initial design. This talk will present a scenario in which domain specific models transformed into BPMN are executed and monitored. The monitoring information is then presented at the BPMN and domain- specific levels using appropriate views that can help better understand the implications of design choices in the execution of process models. While the prototype that will be presented focuses on the Eclipse BPMN2 editor and Stardust, any of the Eclipse-based BPMS such as Bonita or jBPM could be easily supported by this approach.
10:45-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-11:45 Bob Brodt
Red Hat
JBoss Customer Success Stories
JBoss BPM Suite is one of the most widely adopted open source Business Process  Management solutions. JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS) is the Eclipse tooling for web application development which supports many different technologies through  installable plug-ins, including BPMN2 process design and testing  tools, server management tools, etc. Along with the JBDS Eclipse tooling, BPM  Suite also offers a browser based console to manage every aspect of  development, deployment and process management. This presentation will begin with a short overview of BPM Suite, and how it was used  to meet real life challenges in different vertical markets. We will conclude  with a preview of what's new in jBPM version 6 and what's on the horizon for JBoss middleware technologies.
11:45-12:30 Priska Burri
Leiterin Meldestelle Berufsqualifikationen EU/EFTA, Staatssekretariat für Bildung, Forschung und Innovation (SBFI)
Stephan Fischli
ITpearls AG
eGovernment Project “Sypres”: Realization of the EU/EFTA notification declaration procedure for Service Providers
The eGovernement project SYPRES was realized with a BPM system. The system implements the entire reporting procedures for EU / EFTA EU/EFTA citizens who want to provide a service in Switzerland in a regulated profession for a maximum of 90 working days per calendar year in Switzerland. In addition to modeling with BPMN the open source BPMS “Eclipse Stardust” was used for the implementation. The practical talk shows on the objectives and the challenges and illustrates the solution with IT tools.
12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:00-14:45 Dr. Marc Gille
SVP Product Management, SunGard
Open Source Business Process Management for the Financial Service Industry
Stardust is used in more than 1600 deployments worldwide to support workflow management, system integration and document processing scenarios for the financial services and other industries in a bandwidth of human centric applications with thousands of users to high-volume/low-latency message processing with thousands of processes per second. The presentation highlights architectural but also methodological challenges in representative usage examples and this way provides some guidelines and recipes for successful use of open source BPM technology including a full Platform-as-a-Service delivery focusing on minimal time-to-market, cost and project risk. Examples and findings can be applied to financial services as well as to other industries like government, logistics, production, telecommunications or retail.
14:45-15:00 Rodrigue Le Gall
Bonitasoft co-founder and Chief Adoption Officer
BPM of Things: IoT and Processes
The Internet of Things will generate a lot of data and a lot of possible interactions. How can you manage that, create alerts and drive your connected things? We will show how to do that with a BPMS, and finish the presentation with a demonstration of connected objects running through a process.
15:30-16:00 Coffee Break
16:00-16:45 Gregor Gisler
ITpearls AG
Process Driven Software Development at a larger Financial Institution
With BPM maturing over time new customers buy into BPM or improve their existing infrastructure. These new BPM initiatives aim at raising the abstraction level with end to end modeling capabilities, harvesting SOA investments made in the last years, and take advantage of new BPM engines. With higher abstraction in place combined with agile methods the development cycles tend to be shorter and the cost for functional units are decreasing. This leads to a surge in processes to be automated. An increasing number of implemented processes leads to more complexity. In this presentation you will be shown ways on how to tame the complexity with a development process that includes business architecture, iterative (roundtrip) process development and deployment based on Eclipse Stardust.
16:45-17:15 All presenters Panel Discussion with Questions from the Audience


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