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Rüdiger ain

Jürgen Albert

Jelena Alter

Lucia Amann

Koutheir Attouchi [Orange Labs]

Software Engineer and Doctor

​Koutheir began working on OSGi since three years, as part of his PhD work. His PhD thesis addresses robustness and resource conflicts in embedded platforms shared between untrusted applications.

Raymond Auge [Liferay, Inc.]

Software Architect

Boris Baldassari [Castalia Solutions]

Software Engineering Consultant


Software Engineering, Software Quality, Software Metrics, Data Mining, Software Development Methods and Tools, Dutch barges.

Mikael Barbero [Obeo]

Software Engineer

Mikael is a passionate software engineer. He started programming at the age of 10 with BASIC and did not stop since then.

Computer language, Design, Software architecture, Modularity

Tobias Baumann

Alexander Becher [AixpertSoft GmbH]

Head of R&D

Stephane Begaudeau [Obeo]

Software Engineer

Stephane Begaudeau graduated from the Nantes University of Sciences and Technology and is currently working as an Eclipse Modeling consultant at Obeo in France.

Moritz Beller [Delft University of Technology]


As a researcher, my interest lies in the broad domain of Software Engineering, with a tendency towards its practical applications and empirical studies on software quality and how to improve it.

Software Engineering, Software Maintenance, Software Testing, Code Reviews, Building Eclipse Plugins

Lothar Bender

Florent Benoit [Codenvy]

Team Leader

Florent Benoit is working at Codenvy. He’s working on the SaaS developer environment Codenvy by bringing support of JavaScript technologies like AngularJS, Grunt, bower, gulp.js and Yeoman.

OSGi, Java, JavaScript

Andreas Benzing [ICS AG]

HCC IoT, Systems/Software Engineer

Philipp Berg

Nicola Bertazzo [Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.]


Lorenzo Bettini

Klaus Birken [itemis AG]

Principal Engineer

Dr. Klaus Birken is an IT consultant and team leader at itemis AG. Previously, he worked as Principal R&D Engineer at Harman, a leading supplier for Automotive/Infotainment systems.

Eclipse, modeling, Automotive, formal methods, DSLs, architecture, embedded systems

Gael Blondelle [Eclipse Foundation]

Director of European Ecosystem Development

Gaël Blondelle is Director of European Ecosystem Development at the Eclipse Foundation. Gaël Blondelle has accumulated specialized experience with Open Source communities since 2002.

Eclipse ecosystem PolarSys Embedded Systems

Thomas Böhm

Stefan Boller

Karel Borghs

Catalin Bota

Stephane Bouchet [Intel Corporation]

Senior Software Developer

Jeremie Bresson [BSI Business Systems Integration AG]

Boris Brodski [Freelancer]

Software architect

I'm a freelance software architect, consultant and maintainer of XtextCasts. Since 10 years my primary focus is developing middle and large enterprise applications.

Open source (contributer and maintainer), Enterprise software architecture, Xtext and DSLs (see my screencasts at, Test-driven development (TDD). Hobbies: Diving, Windsurfing, Unicycling :)

Cedric Brun [Obeo]


Cedric leads the EcoreTools and Amalgamation components, maintains the Modeling Package, is commiter on several Eclipse projects (Sirius, Acceleo, Mylyn), and is a member of the Architecture Counci

modeling, eclipse, orion, equinox, osgi, emf, compare, code generation, graphical modeler


Alexandra Buzila

Benjamin Cabé [Eclipse Foundation]

IoT Evangelist

Benjamin Cabé, Internet of Things enthusiast and evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation, has years of experience in connecting things, big and small, together.

iot, m2m, android, arduino, raspberry pi,

Dieter Cailliau

Christian Campo [compeople AG]

Project Lead Eclipse Riena, Software Architect

Christian Campo is IT-consultant at compeople AG.

Vincenzo Caselli [RCP Vision]

Andrea Ceiner [Eurotech S.p.A.]

Group Marketing Product Manager M2M/IoT at Eurotech S.p.A.

Name: Andrea Ceiner
Job title: Group Product Marketing Manager M2M/IoT
Organisation: Eurotech Group


ALM, ADLM, Software Engineering, Agile Development, Devops, Open Source

Joseph Clark [Atlassian]

Senior Developer

Gregory Cochon [TECH advantage]

sebastien cooman

Tommaso De Sica

Klaus Deißner [SAP SE]

Associate Development Architect

Area Architect for Gateway Design Time Tools
Project Lead for Eclipse Ogee

OData, Cloud Development, Software Architecture

Laurent Delaigue [Obeo]

Software Engineer

8 years Java/JavaEE + 7 years eclipse/open source java

Modeling, Scientific Computing, Software Modernization, Agile, Classical Music

Nedelcho Delchev [SAP]

Development Architect

Nedelcho Delchev is Development Architect at SAP Labs Bulgaria in Development Experience & Research for HANA Cloud Platform.

cloud development, programming models, integration and extension patterns

Marco Descher [University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg / MEDEVIT OG]

Research Assistant / Executive Partner

Marco Descher is a research assistant with the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg / Austria and executive partner of a small software development company.

His research interests are in the area of automated documentation generation, while his business part is doing development on the Open Source Electronic Health Record Elexis. :)

Alexander Dietrich [Adobe]

Virgil Dodson [Actuate Corporation]

Director of Evangelism, BIRT Exchange
Java, BIRT, Analytics, Geolocation

Obermaier Dominik [dc-square GmbH]

MQTT, IoT, JavaEE, Bringing IoT and Business together, awesome tech in general

Johannes Dorn [Codetrails]

Software Engineer

Co-Founder of Codetrails

Data-Mining, Code Snippets