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namesort descending Organization Job title Interests
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]'s picture John Arthorne IBM Canada Senior Software Developer
Kristian Ashton [Thales Transportation Systems GmbH]'s picture Kristian Ashton Thales Transportation Systems GmbH System Engineering Manager
Koutheir Attouchi [Orange Labs]'s picture Koutheir Attouchi Orange Labs Software Engineer and Doctor
Raymond Auge [Liferay, Inc.]'s picture Raymond Auge Liferay, Inc. Software Architect
Boris Baldassari [Castalia Solutions]'s picture Boris Baldassari Castalia Solutions Software Engineering Consultant Software Engineering, Software Quality, Software Metrics, Data Mining, Software Development Methods and Tools, Dutch barges.
Christian Baranowski [SEITENBAU Gmbh]'s picture Christian Baranowski SEITENBAU Gmbh Project Manager Software Components, DSLs, OSGi, Spring
Mikael Barbero [Obeo]'s picture Mikael Barbero Obeo Software Engineer Computer language, Design, Software architecture, Modularity
Neil Bartlett [Paremus Ltd]'s picture Neil Bartlett Paremus Ltd ${job_title}
Wayne Beaton [The Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Wayne Beaton The Eclipse Foundation Director of Open Source Projects
Stephane Begaudeau [Obeo]'s picture Stephane Begaudeau Obeo Software Engineer
Florent Benoit [Codenvy]'s picture Florent Benoit Codenvy Team Leader OSGi, Java, JavaScript
Klaus Birken [itemis AG]'s picture Klaus Birken itemis AG Principal Engineer Eclipse, modeling, Automotive, formal methods, DSLs, architecture, embedded systems
Gael Blondelle [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Gael Blondelle Eclipse Foundation Director of European Ecosystem Development Eclipse ecosystem PolarSys Embedded Systems
David Bosschaert's picture David Bosschaert R&D Adobe
Boris Brodski [Freelancer]'s picture Boris Brodski Freelancer Software architect Open source (contributer and maintainer), Enterprise software architecture, Xtext and DSLs (see my screencasts at, Test-driven development (TDD). Hobbies: Diving, Windsurfing, Unicycling :)
Cedric Brun [Obeo]'s picture Cedric Brun Obeo CTO modeling, eclipse, orion, equinox, osgi, emf, compare, code generation, graphical modeler
Benjamin Cabé [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Benjamin Cabé Eclipse Foundation IoT Evangelist iot, m2m, android, arduino, raspberry pi,
Christian Campo [compeople AG]'s picture Christian Campo compeople AG Project Lead Eclipse Riena, Software Architect
Andrea Ceiner [Eurotech S.p.A.]'s picture Andrea Ceiner Eurotech S.p.A. Group Marketing Product Manager M2M/IoT at Eurotech S.p.A.
Laurent CHARLES [ENALEAN]'s picture Laurent CHARLES ENALEAN CEO ALM, ADLM, Software Engineering, Agile Development, Devops, Open Source
Joseph Clark [Atlassian]'s picture Joseph Clark Atlassian Senior Developer
Sharon Corbett [Eclipse Foundation, Inc.]'s picture Sharon Corbett Eclipse Foundation, Inc. Manager, Intellectual Property
Ian Craggs [IBM]'s picture Ian Craggs IBM
Holly Cummins [IBM]'s picture Holly Cummins IBM
Laurent Delaigue [Obeo]'s picture Laurent Delaigue Obeo Software Engineer Modeling, Scientific Computing, Software Modernization, Agile, Classical Music
Virgil Dodson [Actuate Corporation]'s picture Virgil Dodson Actuate Corporation Director of Evangelism, BIRT Exchange Java, BIRT, Analytics, Geolocation
Obermaier Dominik [dc-square GmbH]'s picture Obermaier Dominik dc-square GmbH CTO MQTT, IoT, JavaEE, Bringing IoT and Business together, awesome tech in general
Johannes Dorn [Codetrails]'s picture Johannes Dorn Codetrails Software Engineer Data-Mining, Code Snippets
Frederic Ebelshaeuser [Yatta]'s picture Frederic Ebelshaeuser Yatta Product Manager & Software Engineer Software Engineering, Eclipse, Wicket, JavaFX, Spring, Agile , Oomph, Eclipse Profiles
Sven Efftinge [itemis]'s picture Sven Efftinge itemis development manager software development, music, food, kitesurfing
Johannes Eickhold [EclipseSource]'s picture Johannes Eickhold EclipseSource Software Developer Eclipse and Mobile
Moritz Eysholdt's picture Moritz Eysholdt
Dirk Fauth [Robert Bosch GmbH]'s picture Dirk Fauth Robert Bosch GmbH Software-Architect
Zeb Ford-Reitz [BREDEX GmbH]'s picture Zeb Ford-Reitz BREDEX GmbH Software Developer / Jubula Committer automated testing, tycho, e4, javafx, databinding
Steve Francisco [IBM]'s picture Steve Francisco IBM
Torsten Frank [Cloudyle GmbH]'s picture Torsten Frank Cloudyle GmbH CEO
Christophe Gatti [Thales]'s picture Christophe Gatti Thales
Sebastien Gerard [CEA List]'s picture Sebastien Gerard CEA List Head of the LISE labs of CEA List MDE, MDA, UML, SysML, MARTE, Embedded System, complex system, modeling, real-time, abstraction, formalization, analysis.
Matthew Gerring [Diamond Light Source Ltd.]'s picture Matthew Gerring Diamond Light Source Ltd. Senior software developer, team leader DAWN
Sarah Goff-Dupont [Atlassian]'s picture Sarah Goff-Dupont Atlassian Product Marketing Manager, Bamboo Automation, Agile development
Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona [Bitergia / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos]'s picture Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona Bitergia / Universidad Rey Juan Carlos His main professional interest is the study of communities of software development, with a focus on quantitative and empirical studies. He also enjoys finding ways of helping students to learn about IT-related concepts and technologies.
Christian Götz [dc-square GmbH]'s picture Christian Götz dc-square GmbH CEO IoT, M2M, Building high performance IoT solutions
Gerrit Grunwald's picture Gerrit Grunwald Java Technology Evangelist Java(FX), Embedded
Alexander Grzesik [Cloudyle GmbH]'s picture Alexander Grzesik Cloudyle GmbH Head of development
Kai Hackbarth [ProSyst Software GmbH (part of the Bosch Group)]'s picture Kai Hackbarth ProSyst Software GmbH (part of the Bosch Group) Evangelist
Matthieu Helleboid [Thales]'s picture Matthieu Helleboid Thales
Jonas Helming [EclipseSource Munich]'s picture Jonas Helming EclipseSource Munich General Manager e4, EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, EMF Forms
Georg Hermann [devolo AG]'s picture Georg Hermann devolo AG Product Manager Home Control