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Bonitasoft is democratizing business process management (BPM) by bringing a flexible, powerful BPM suite to organizations of all sizes across many industries. Bonitasoft and its open source community deliver a unqiue ecosystem of connectors for nearly any application and/or system. With Bonitasoft, any organization can model, automate, and optimize process workflows in Finance, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Supply Chain Management, E-Government, and much more.

The precursor to Bonita BPM, the Bonita software project, was co-founded in 2001 by Miguel Valdés Faura, a computer science engineer at the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control (INRIA).

In 2009, Miguel joined up with colleagues Charles Souillard and Rodrigue Le Gall to found Bonitasoft.

As the world’s fastest-growing BPM provider, Bonitasoft has enjoyed rapid expansion with increasing open source downloads (more than 3 million), customer acquisition (more than 900 in 60+ countries), community participation (more than 120,000 contributors) and internal development (from 10 to 150+ employees of more than 20 nationalities in Paris, Grenoble, and San Francisco).