Thu, 2014-06-19 11:59

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BREDEX GmbH has over 25 years’ experience in delivering tailor-made solutions. Based in Braunschweig, we employ around 60 developers, who work in dynamic teams on individual customer projects. Our expertise in software development makes us branch-independent and therefore able to help customers from a wide variety of backgrounds with their development and quality assurance.

Regardless of the project, we value quality at all stages of the development process, as well as close contact and communication with our customers. We prefer lean, agile processes to ensure customer satisfaction, and we implement continuous testing and integration to provide quick feedback. We use a wide variety of modern technologies for our projects while remaining true to our roots of being platform- and manufacturer-independent. BREDEX is active in the Open Source community as a Solutions Member of the Eclipse Foundation.

Testing with Jubula
BREDEX contributed the code base of the commercial test automation tool GUIdancer to the Eclipse Foundation as the Jubula project in 2011. Jubula allows testers to write intelligent and robust tests without any programming knowledge. In doing so, it encourages communication about quality throughout the whole team and during the entire software lifecycle.

In the latest Jubula release, support for testing JavaFX applications has been added. This support is available in the Eclipse plugin as a part of the Eclipse Luna release.

Test consulting
Our experiences in quality assurance, test automation and testing processes have been enriched and strengthened by our work on the Jubula project. Our test consultants work with teams to pass on our knowledge to ensure successful quality assurance in customer projects.