Fri, 2014-06-27 12:23

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Codenvy lets you instantly provision, share and scale developer environments based on our pre-built environment templates or a custom environment you build with Docker. Our fast, secure and extensible Development Environment Cloud eliminates inefficiencies in software development, improves release velocity and secures IP.

Based upon open Eclipse projects, Codenvy works with your processes by integrating with traditional IDEs, ALM, frameworks, libraries, databases, code repositories, CI, and PAAS/IAAS. The Codenvy Developer Environment Cloud is available in our hosted cloud, on-premises or as an OEM.

Speeding and simplifying development is why Google, WSO2, Atlassian, Intuit and Accenture use Codenvy today.

We have 50 employees with offices in San Francisco, Redding, Luxembourg, and the Ukraine. Codenvy has raised $9M from Toba Capital, Auriga Ventures, and angels. For more information, please visit us at or at Booth #2.

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