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itemis is an innovative IT consulting company and a provider of products and services around Eclipse-based development tools. Its core competence is in the automation of software production via high-quality custom-made editors and views. The company's headquarter is based in Germany but we offer consultancy around the globe. As a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, itemis is the main force behind several Eclipse projects such as Xtext, EMF and Xtend. Our clients and their industries are diverse and therefore our consulting, coaching and development services are adapted to their needs. We offer customized solutions for corporate applications and the mobile enterprise as well as software tools for developing embedded systems. At itemis we strive to reduce the complexity of projects, to minimize risks and to reduce costs for our customers. That is why in consulting and development, we emphasize to include the actual users of a system into the process from early on and to use Scrum and other agile processes. As a software consulting company, itemis devotes itself to the technologies and methods of software development; as an employer, we aim to offer employees an exciting environment in which they can develop. We offer our employees fascinating and challenging work with an innovative team. If you’d like to help shape your future career and the development of our company, now is your chance to apply. We offer open spaces, flexible working hours and funded professional development.