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InfoQ is now available in French and they recorded interviews at the first EclipseCon France!

For interviews in English, check out our playlist on the Eclipse YouTube Channel.


Post-conference Blogs

Here are a few blogs about EclipseCon France:


The votes are in...

Here are the highest rated sessions and workshops for this year's EclipseCon France:

Thank you to everyone who evaluated the sessions.


Thank you

Thank you to all the attendees, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and organizers. You've made this first EclipseCon France a success!

We look forward to seeing all of you again next year.



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Conference has officially begun!

We're happy to see so many of you in Toulouse for the first EclipseCon France.

Enjoy the conference!


Another chance to share what you are passionate about...Ignite Talks!

You may be familiar with the Ignite talk format: a five-minute presentation with 20 slides that automatically change every 15 seconds. It's a challenge, but can be fun and interesting for both presenter and audience.

If you are attending EclipseCon France, and have an interesting idea for an Ignite Talk, we invite you to submit! The Ignite sessions will begin at 17:45 on June 5, the first day of the conference.

To submit, please send email to, and include the title of your talk and a short description. You will be notified by Wednesday, May 29 if your submission is accepted.

Ignite Submission Deadline: May 28, 2013


Top 5 Talks: Gaël Blondelle

Gaël Blondelle, Obeo. Open Source Business Developer and Polarsys Spokesperson, Toulouse JUG founder and co-leader. Here are my choices:

  • How CERN scaled up Eclipse for the LHC: Well, it is CERN and the LHC, so we can now imagine developers using Eclipse to discover the origin of the universe! Incidentally, 20 years ago a researcher from CERN published the first web page. So 20 years later, I am curious to see how they manage their Eclipse distros (a hot topic for Polarsys) and what benefits they get.
  • Live collaborative modeling goes industrial: What they do with the integration of CDO in their tools is impressive and demonstrates a new dimension in term of team collaboration for modeling in the enterprise.
  • Orion deployed: Orion goes from prototype to production: Orion is an impressive technology that projects your IDE in the cloud. I will be happy to hear the news directly from the project leader and to see the technology in action with the demos.
  • Scala in Eclipse, Eclipse in Scala: I particularly like this presentation because it approaches the topic (Eclipse and Scala) from both sides: what tools can you use to write Scala code in Eclipse, and how can you write Eclipse plugins in Scala. I am eager to see my co-workers at Obeo eventually write their plugins in Scala.
  • Migration RCP application to Eclipse 4. What should we do ?: Beginning with Kepler, Eclipse releases will be based on Eclipse 4. So the next months or years will be times of migration to the new platform. This talk gives a pragmatic approach to migration towards Eclipse 4.

Of course, as mentioned by other PC members, you should not miss the talk about Sirius, because Sirius is a game changer for Eclipse Modeling.


Top 5 Talks: Pierre Gaufillet

Pierre Gaufillet, AIRBUS. I am a member of the methods and tools team supporting the development of avionics software. Safety of software in airborne systems, real time architecture design, modeling, code and doc generation, and Eclipse deployment are our daily bread. I am also the chairman of the PolarSys Industry Working Group.

My six favorite sessions: