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Top 5 Talks: Gaël Blondelle


Gaël Blondelle, Obeo. Open Source Business Developer and Polarsys Spokesperson, Toulouse JUG founder and co-leader. Here are my choices:

  • How CERN scaled up Eclipse for the LHC: Well, it is CERN and the LHC, so we can now imagine developers using Eclipse to discover the origin of the universe! Incidentally, 20 years ago a researcher from CERN published the first web page. So 20 years later, I am curious to see how they manage their Eclipse distros (a hot topic for Polarsys) and what benefits they get.
  • Live collaborative modeling goes industrial: What they do with the integration of CDO in their tools is impressive and demonstrates a new dimension in term of team collaboration for modeling in the enterprise.
  • Orion deployed: Orion goes from prototype to production: Orion is an impressive technology that projects your IDE in the cloud. I will be happy to hear the news directly from the project leader and to see the technology in action with the demos.
  • Scala in Eclipse, Eclipse in Scala: I particularly like this presentation because it approaches the topic (Eclipse and Scala) from both sides: what tools can you use to write Scala code in Eclipse, and how can you write Eclipse plugins in Scala. I am eager to see my co-workers at Obeo eventually write their plugins in Scala.
  • Migration RCP application to Eclipse 4. What should we do ?: Beginning with Kepler, Eclipse releases will be based on Eclipse 4. So the next months or years will be times of migration to the new platform. This talk gives a pragmatic approach to migration towards Eclipse 4.

Of course, as mentioned by other PC members, you should not miss the talk about Sirius, because Sirius is a game changer for Eclipse Modeling.