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namesort descending Organization Job title Interests
Boris Adryan's picture Boris Adryan
Max Rydahl Andersen [Red Hat]'s picture Max Rydahl Andersen Red Hat Manager and Consulting Engineer
John Arthorne [IBM Canada]'s picture John Arthorne IBM Canada Senior Software Developer
Ádám Balogh [Ericsson AB]'s picture Ádám Balogh Ericsson AB system engineer
Mikaël Barbero [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Mikaël Barbero Eclipse Foundation Release Engineer
Wayne Beaton [The Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Wayne Beaton The Eclipse Foundation Director of Open Source Projects
Simon Bernard's picture Simon Bernard
Lorenzo Bettini's picture Lorenzo Bettini
Gael Blondelle [Eclipse Foundation]'s picture Gael Blondelle Eclipse Foundation Director of European Ecosystem Development Eclipse ecosystem PolarSys Embedded Systems
Nicolas Bonnefond [Inria]'s picture Nicolas Bonnefond Inria R&D Engineer SmartHome, Middleware, OSGI, human centered experiment
Stephane Bonnet [Thales]'s picture Stephane Bonnet Thales Design Authority, Model Driven Engineering Products Industrial application of model-driven technologies, transfer between applied research and operational solutions, team & project management
Francis Bordeleau [Ericsson]'s picture Francis Bordeleau Ericsson Product Manager
Stephane Bouchet [Intel Corporation]'s picture Stephane Bouchet Intel Corporation Senior Software Developer
Marcel Bruch [Codetrails]'s picture Marcel Bruch Codetrails CEO of Codetrails, Creator of Eclipse Code Recommenders and Automated Error Reporter for Eclipse Mars
Cedric Brun [Obeo]'s picture Cedric Brun Obeo CTO modeling, eclipse, orion, equinox, osgi, emf, compare, code generation, graphical modeler
Benoit Combemale [INRIA and University of Rennes 1]'s picture Benoit Combemale INRIA and University of Rennes 1 Research Scientist and Associate Professor
Olivier Constant's picture Olivier Constant R&D engineer in Model-Driven Engineering Applied research and its transfer to operational solutions. Model-Driven/Based Engineering. Software frameworks. Applied formal methods for the industry.
Nathalie Cotte [Bonitasoft]'s picture Nathalie Cotte Bonitasoft Usability specialist Passionated people, teamwork, ambitious projects. Users' feedback. Ashtanga yoga and all it brings
Davide De Cesaris [Solair]'s picture Davide De Cesaris Solair Project Manager Eclipse Kura, Java, OSGi, middleware, protocol integration
Erik Jan de Wit [Red Hat]'s picture Erik Jan de Wit Red Hat Senior Engineer
Joël DRIGO [WEDIA]'s picture Joël DRIGO WEDIA Product Manager
Daniel Exertier [Thales]'s picture Daniel Exertier Thales MDE Domain Manager, System&Software Technologies Manager
Raphael Faudou [Samares Engineering]'s picture Raphael Faudou Samares Engineering Systems architect sports: football, rugby and tennis Music: piano and guitar Karaoke
Tristan Faure [Atos]'s picture Tristan Faure Atos Software Architect
Vincent Ferries [Genigraph]'s picture Vincent Ferries Genigraph Developer Web development, JavaEE, various languages, software craftsmanship, new fancy stuffs.
Steve Francisco [IBM]'s picture Steve Francisco IBM
Sebastien Gerard [CEA List]'s picture Sebastien Gerard CEA List Head of the LISE labs of CEA List MDE, MDA, UML, SysML, MARTE, Embedded System, complex system, modeling, real-time, abstraction, formalization, analysis.
Matthew Gerring [Diamond Light Source Ltd.]'s picture Matthew Gerring Diamond Light Source Ltd. Senior software developer, team leader DAWN
Jonah Graham [Kichwa Coders Ltd]'s picture Jonah Graham Kichwa Coders Ltd Freelance Programmer CDT, PyDev, RCP
Francesco Guidieri's picture Francesco Guidieri
Johan Hardy [Spacebel SA]'s picture Johan Hardy Spacebel SA Software Engineer
Abel Hegedus [IncQuery Labs Ltd.]'s picture Abel Hegedus IncQuery Labs Ltd. Partner model transformation, back-annotation, design space exploration, EMF, model queries, model-driven software engineering
Akos Horvath [IncQuery Labs Ltd.]'s picture Akos Horvath IncQuery Labs Ltd. Co-Founder and Partner EMF, model validation and analysis, model processing, design space exploration, optimization
Ville Ingman [Vaadin]'s picture Ville Ingman Vaadin Vaadin Advocate
Markus Knauer [EclipseSource]'s picture Markus Knauer EclipseSource Eclipse Senior Software Consultant RAP, EPP, OSGi, LTS, Equinox, Virgo, Karaf, Packaging, Tycho, Build, Cloud Computing, RAP, EMF, ECP, p2, Support
Maximilian Koegel [EclipseSource Munich]'s picture Maximilian Koegel EclipseSource Munich General Manager EMF, EMFStore, EMF Client Platform, RCP, Model Repository
Yoel Koenka [University of Basel, Hauser group]'s picture Yoel Koenka University of Basel, Hauser group PhD student Affordable Analytical Chemitry tools for the public, Purpose made instrumental control, Open source development, Permaculture & Sustainability
Stevan Le Meur [Codenvy]'s picture Stevan Le Meur Codenvy
Frederic Madiot [Obeo]'s picture Frederic Madiot Obeo Products & Marketing Manager
Baptiste Mathus's picture Baptiste Mathus Developer Catalyst Tooling, Build tools, Java, automation
Ed Merks [itemis]'s picture Ed Merks itemis Eclipse Modeling Project Lead Eclipse, Modeling
Tracy Miranda [Kichwa Coders]'s picture Tracy Miranda Kichwa Coders Freelance Programmer Python scripting, EASE, CDT, Eclipse for embedded software, science, microcontrollers. User experience.
Guillaume NADALIN [Atos]'s picture Guillaume NADALIN Atos
Michael Pailloncy [MiPih]'s picture Michael Pailloncy MiPih Software Factory Manager DevOps culture
Pierre Pitiot [Eurotech]'s picture Pierre Pitiot Eurotech Senior Software Engineer
Christian Pontesegger [Infineon Technologies Austria AG]'s picture Christian Pontesegger Infineon Technologies Austria AG Staff Contactless Engineer Eclipse, Scripting, Sports
Olivier Prouvost [OPCoach]'s picture Olivier Prouvost OPCoach Eclipse expert, trainer and committer Eclipse RCP, Eclipse 4, Eclipse Modeling
Tom Raftery [GreenMonk]'s picture Tom Raftery GreenMonk Principal Analyst