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CEA List

A leader in research, development and innovation, the CEA, French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives), is active in four main areas: low-carbon energies, information technologies and health technologies, Large Research Instruments, defense and global security.


Together. Smarter. Safer. Whenever critical decisions need to be made, Thales has a role to play. In all the markets we serve – defence, security, space, aerospace and ground transportation – our understanding of the Critical Decision Chain helps customers to decide and act in a timely fashion and obtain the best outcomes.


Obeo provides open software solutions to create and transform complex systems (industrial systems, IT applications or digital transformation of large companies). A major Open Source player and strategic member of the Eclipse foundation, Obeo has developed projects such as Sirius (creation of custom modeling workbenches) and Acceleo (code generation based on EMF).



IBM is proud to be a founding member of the Eclipse consortium and the not-for-profit Eclipse Foundation. Build Java apps at cloud speed with Eclipse Tools for Bluemix.


Codenvy is a developer workspace cloud that is based Eclipse Che, a member of the Eclipse Cloud Development top-level project along with Orion, Flux and Dirigible projects


Intel Corp. designs, manufactures and sells computer components and related products. We recently released the Intel Edison board for IoT. With an Intel Atom core for advanced processing and an associated microcontroller unit for real time data capture, you have all the processing power you need for advanced IoT solutions. There’s also Wifi and Bluetooth Low Energy included.


Secure Delivery Center (SDC) is made with teams in mind and aims to simplify complex team setups. Grab plugins and tools from the cloud, and even pull in company-specific tools using the Admin Console. You can package and deliver everything your team needs to start coding on day one into a consolidated package.


With a background of 20 years' experience in companies with high technological value, OPCoach has offered its clients three types of Eclipse technologies related services since 2009:


Eurotech solutions combine hardware, firmware, operating systems, M2M middleware and device cloud services that drive business success. A global leader in connecting distributed devices that make up the Internet of Things, Eurotech collaborates with customers, partners, and integrators to bring rugged, reliable and cost effective data management solutions to market.


Soyatec, Eclipse foundation member, Microsoft partner and a member of the System@tic Pole, focuses its activities on the realization and commercialization of HMI solutions using:
·         EMF, UML and BPMN modeling
·         Visual development tools
·         Declarative GUI



We help industrial organizations digitize their business. DocDoku provides web and mobile solutions to optimize the use of technical data and to collaborate more efficiently. Our software are based on our innovative Open Source platform DocDokuPLM, It offers ready-to-use modules: interactive display of the digital mockup, product and document management, real-time collaboration, workflows...


Modelio – LIMITLESS MODELING Modeliosoft  provides enterprise solutions based on the leading open source modeling tool (Modelio – www.modelio.org). Modelio is a comprehensive modeling tool providing numerous exclusive capacities. It supports UML2, BPMN2, SysML, TOGAF, MODAF, DODAF, NAF and a large number of modeling extensions.

Artal Group

Artal provides software frameworks & tools for the design and operation of complex systems with a focus on simulation, virtual integration and MBSE.


L’Embarqué, a french digital publication dedicated to the Embedded domain


Developpez.com is a developer and IT professional club that provides free access to very useful resources, services and tools needed by IT professionals.

Linux Magazin


INP-ENSEEIHT is a state-funded School of Engineering, under the authority of the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. Students join the school after 2 years of undergraduate study and stay for 3 years.

Toulouse Métropole



DigitalPlace is the ICT cluster of Midi-Pyrénées. The cluster is composed of companies of different sizes, mainly VSE and SME of the whole ICT sector. Its aim is to develop this sector, to implement collective projects in order to allow companies to seize all the growth mechanisms, to help its members to reach a milestone in terms of size (revenue and employment) and access to new markets.