Take the Oomph Configuration Challenge and win a drone! by Ed Merks and Eike Stepper

Wed, 2015-06-17 10:01

Get a first video look at Oomph, the new Eclipse installer, in the speaker pitch for Ed Merks and Elke Stepper's workshop. Whether you attend the workshop or not, you can take part in the Oomph Configuration Challenge for a chance not only to contribute to the community, but also to win a drone ;)!

Oomph: Eclipse the Way You Want It

Contribute to the Project Catalog and win a drone!

Workshop participants and attendees can contribute a setup for the Eclipse.org project of your choice and contribute it to the project catalog for a chance to win a Parrot MiniDrone Rolling Spider drone. We'll randomly select winners from the qualifying (= functional) contributions at the closing session. Here's how it will work:

1) To participate, submit a functional setup for any Eclipse.org project. We will check the "functional" and provide quality feedback for all submissions. See the screenshot below for setups that are already in the project catalog.

2) Because it's not always trivial to create these setups, we will prepare a handful of projects that are both interesting for the community and easy to set up. We'll use one of these during the workshop exercises and provide mirrored p2 and Git repos for all of them. It's clear we’ll have fewer projects than participants, so each participant on one of these projects will qualify to add an entry to the drawing box.

3) If you create additional setups (in your spare time), we’d like to show our appreciation by entering your name to the box twice for each setup.

4) We'll provide one giant (~3GB) zip that contains everything that's needed to provision a workspace (of course with the Oomph installer) that's ready to be used for the workshop/contest.

5) The draw for the drones will take place at the closing session on Thursday, June 25. You'll need to be present to claim your prize.

Visit Eike's blog for instructions on getting started with the workshop and the Challenge!

Good luck! If you have any questions, please contact us.

These setups are already available in the Project Catalog.

Project Catalog


Ed MerksEd Merks is founder of Macro Modeling and a partner at Itemis AG. He is coauthor of "EMF: Eclipse Modeling Framework" which is now in a second, expanded edition. Ed is well known for his work for the Eclipse community and has been recognized with several Eclipse awards, including the Lifetime Contribution award.

Eike StepperEike Stepper is president of ES-Computersysteme, an independent consulting firm in the areas of OSGi and modelling. In addition to being a committer on a wide range of projects, Eike leads the CDO, Net4j and Oomph projects at Eclipse and is a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council.