Systems Modeling with the ARCADIA method and the Capella tool


Much more than just another modelling tool, Capella (one of Polarsys projects inside, is a model-based system engineering solution that has been successfully deployed in a wide variety of industrial contexts. Based on a graphical modelling workbench, it provides systems, software and hardware architects with rich methodological guidance relying on ARCADIA, a comprehensive model-based systems engineering method. ARCADIA aims at covering a wide range of engineering needs around complex systems, from Operational and System Analysis to Logical and Physical Architecture. 

This workshop will guide you into the first steps of using Capella, starting with the Analysis levels of a simple case study. It will then show you how the Capella tool, with the help of the ARCADIA method, will help you design more efficiently both Logical and Physical Architectures of the case study.


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Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - 09:00 to 10:45


Workshops are usually reserved for "hands-on", when attendees will be able to manipulate the tool or technology in question. Is this submission really and hands-on? If not, could it be turned into a regular (35minutes) talk.
Also, since Cappelle and Arcadia are not of widely known yet (among PC members and EclipseCon audience), it would make sense to rewrite the title and abstract to introduce a bit more Cappella, and make it more explicit what people will learn to do during this talk.

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I would prefer to get a workshop for Capella than a standard talk if Gael (Polarsys) & Thales will communicate and promote this workshop to the System Engineer community. I just want to be sure that they will do the promotion.

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I also feel that a workshop might be more appropriate. I also agree with the fact that Capela should be present somehow at EclipseconFrance

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