Program Committee

Wed, 2014-09-03 19:25

We are proud to say that the sessions and keynotes at EclipseCon are chosen by an independent program committee made up of volunteers from the Eclipse community.

To contact the program committee, send us email.

Martin Lippert (committee chair) works at Pivotal on Eclipse-based developer tooling for the Spring framework, Cloud Foundry, and JavaScript. He co-leads the team that ships the Spring IDE, the Spring Tool Suite, the Groovy/Grails tool suite, the Cloud Foundry Integration for Eclipse, AJDT, AspectJ, Groovy-Eclipse, and co-leads the Eclipse Flux project. Martin is also co-founder of it-agile GmbH, one of the leading agile companies in Germany.

Ian Bull (committee chair emeritus) is an Eclipse committer and the Principal Architect for Yoxos Enterprise. Ian co-leads the Eclipse p2 project, serves on the Eclipse RT PMC, the Eclipse Planning Council and the Eclipse Architecture Council. His interests include software architecture, component oriented design, release engineering, human-computer interaction and just about everything related to software engineering. Ian holds a Bachelor and Master's degree from the University of Waterloo and a PhD from the University of Victoria.

Max Andersen is leading the development of JBoss Tools and Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio and has for several years been working with Eclipse from both outside and inside His main interest is to keep the Eclipse IDE a viable platform for building desktop-based tooling while also getting involved in offering complementary cloud-based and web-based tooling.

Tamar Cohen works with NASA Ames' Intelligent Robotics Group to bridge the gap between robots and humans. She designs and implements Eclipse RCP applications to provide situational awareness for remote robotic operation; these applications have run on the International Space Station. Tamar supports scientists doing field work with Python-based web tools centered around maps and geolocation of data. She has developed interactive 3D games, internet collaboration tools, SDKs for game developers, and countless Eclipse plugins.

Andrew Eisenberg is an open-source advocate. He has been the lead of the Groovy-Eclipse and AspectJ Development Tools project, and a committer on Orion and AspectJ. Andrew creates tools for developers that ease the cognitive burden of creating complex programs. He will not rest and not be happy until programming is as fun and easy as playing with Legos. Andrew has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of British Columbia where he researched the intersection between programming languages and tools. You can keep up with Andrew's progress at his blog and on twitter @werdnagreb.

Simon Kaegi works for IBM at the Ottawa Software Lab. He co-leads the Orion Project and represents IBM for the JavaScript Language (ECMA TC39) and Browser API (W3C WebApps). He is a long-standing member of the Eclipse core team and in the past has been involved with Equinox (server-side, p2, and OSGi compendium), e4 (JavaScript modularity and debug), and JSDT.

Marc Khouzam is a software designer for Ericsson Canada. He is the co-lead of the CDT project with particular focus on the Debug component. Marc is also an occasional contributor to the GNU debugger. He is currently working on improving multicore debugging through different initiatives such as the CDT’s Multicore Debug Workgroup.

Eike Stepper is an independent consultant in the areas of OSGi and modeling with over 25 years of experience in software development. With his consulting company ES-Computersysteme, founded back in 1991, he conducted dozens of successful customer projects. Being involved with Eclipse since 2003 Eike is the leader of the CDO, Net4j and Oomph projects at Eclipse and a member of the Eclipse Architecture Council. He is also committer on the EMF Client Platform, EMF DiffMerge and Mylyn projects and won the Top Committer Eclipse Community Award 2010.

Lars Vogel is the founder and CEO of vogella GmbH and works as an Eclipse, Git and Android consultant, trainer and book author. He is also a regular speaker at international conferences. With more than one million visitors per month, his website is one of the central sources for Eclipse and Android programming information. Lars was a nominated Java Champion in 2012 and is an active committer in the Eclipse platform and e4 project.s He also received the Eclipse Top Contributor Award in 2010 and the Eclipse Top Newcomer Evangelist Award in 2012.

Sebastian Zarnekow works for itemis and lives in Kiel, Germany. As the co-architect of the Xtend language and the Xtext framework, he specializes in language design, language implementation and IDE development. Sebastian presents at international conferences and writes articles for magazines.