Poster Session

Tue, 2015-01-13 14:08

Wednesday, March 11, 2015, Atrium
18:00 - 19:30 - during the Dinner Reception

Please note that the day and time of the poster session has changed!

To learn more about the Poster Session, see this News article. See the list of accepted submissions here.

Submitting a Poster

The deadline for poster submissions has passed. However, we may have room for a few more, so please send email if you would like to submit!

Information for Presenters

We provide

  • a poster board, 4 feet (48 inches) high x 8 feet (96 inches) wide (outside dimensions)
  • pins for your poster
  • attendees to marvel at your poster

You provide

  • poster(s) to fit on the board
  • presenter(s) to talk about the poster

Ordering Posters

The deadline for ordering posters from our supplier has passed. If you need a suggestion for a local print shop in Burlingame, email us and we will try to help.

If you produce your own artwork, we recommend that you limit the size to 44 inches high (for ease of viewing) and 91 inches wide (so it fits inside the board frame).

Onsite Process

  • We will hang your poster or map for you! Please bring your artwork to Registration anytime between Tuesday noon and Wednesday noon. It will be waiting for you on a pin board in the Atrium on Wednesday at 18:00.
  • Please remove your artwork at the end of the session; items left after 19:45 will be removed and discarded.

Accepted Posters

Here's the current list:

  1. EMF Forms (Jonas Helming)
  2. Sirius - A graphic model is worth a thousand words (Etienne Juliot)
  3. Eclipse Long Term Support (Pat Huff)
  4. Eclipse ICE (Taylor Patterson)
  5. The DAWNSci Eclipse Project: How Eclipse Is Used for Science (Bahá El Kassaby)
  6. Oomph (Eike Stepper and Ed Merks)
  7. Andmore (Eric Cloninger and Dave Carver)
  8. Profiles (Johannes Jacop)
  9. A web application to digitize data from field research (Daeye Lucie)
  10. USGS EarthExplorer (Tim Mentele)
  11. Visualizing Sea Surface Data (Flynn Platt)
  12. ExtJS 5, OpenLayers 3, Solr - Oh My! (Michael Nowak)
  13. Historic California Beach (Michele Tobias)
  14. Moving Beyond Google Trip Planner Using Open Trip Planner (Marshall Ballard and Ragi Burhum)
  15. LINZ Data Service: Open Government, Open Data (Ian Reese)
  16. Energy and Environmental Web Mapping and User-Driven Geospatial Analysis (Andrew J. Ayers)
  17. OnEarth: Open Source Software Serving Imagery for NASA GIBS (Joe Roberts)
  18. Mapping Geographic Patterns of Crime: Case of South Bend, Indiana (Yu Zhou)
  19. Working with Big Spatial Data at the Terra Populus Project (Joshua Donato)
  20. Modelling Population Interactions: the PySAL and Open Source Way (Lorraine Barry)
  21. Towards an Open Source, Systems-Integrating Spatial Decision Support Framework for Urban Public Health Environments (Marynia Kolak)
  22. Map Simplification - a Topology Preserving Approach (using D3) (Roland Hansson)
  23. GeoWave