Standard [35 minutes]

Tue, 2014-12-02 21:11

IoT Lightning Talks

Lightning talks include:
- Securing Your IoT Infrastructure with Strong Authentication and Encryption (Andrew Fregly, Verisign)
- Rise of the Machines - Orchestrating Things with a Bit of Stardust (Marc Gille, Sungard)
- Krikkit: Moving IoT Intelligence to the Edge (Raghuram Sudhaakar, Cisco)
- M2M and IoT Protocols : MQTT, ALLJOYN, DDS, and COAP: Why, Where, and When (Geoff Brown, M2Mi)
- Internet of things in Retail industry (Vatsal Shah, Litmus Automation

Tue, 2014-11-18 05:41

Declarative Maven builds for Android in Eclipse

Android for Maven Eclipse (m2e-android) brings the power of Maven into Google’s Android Development Tools plugin for Eclipse (ADT). In this talk I’ll discuss the importance of declarative builds, the future of Android/Eclipse development now that Google is focussing on IntelliJ Android Studios, and explore the vibrant community surrounding m2e-android.

Tue, 2014-11-18 02:17

Java ME 8 and MTJ 2.0: Now IoT Ready

Java™ ME 8 is major update of Java™ ME technology as a modern embedded software platform, purpose-built as a foundation for new services in the Internet Of Things. Java™ ME 8 has been designed to enable advanced embedded software intelligence and increased product value for a wide range of use cases and solutions while maintaining very low system requirements.

Tue, 2014-11-18 00:29

Building and Sharing Your P2 Fortress with Tycho and Nexus

So you want to build an elegant RCP/Osgi fortress but can't figure out how to put the pieces together, or even where to get the pieces? Look no further; I will dive into how we construct our RCP 'fortress', how we gather the building blocks with tycho, and how we put it all together and share it with fellow artisans in nexus repositories.

Mon, 2014-11-17 23:57

Building an IDE for Apache Cassandra with Eclipse RCP, e4 and Xtext

Apache Cassandra is a distributed, scalable and highly available database used in many large scale infrastructures in companies such as Netflix, eBay, Instagram or Spotify. It comes with a SQL-like query language that reduces its learning curve, but in order to allow developers to have a similar productivity as with traditional RDBMS, several tools are required.

Mon, 2014-11-17 22:19

M2Eclipse: The collaboration of the Maven & Eclipse Platforms

M2Eclipse provides a robust and mature solution for integrating Maven with the Eclipse IDE. M2Eclipse continues on the path to be the de-facto standard Eclipse integration for Maven users and Maven integrators alike. An open Project Configuration Framework unifies the IDE with automated, headless environments by synchronizing Eclipse settings for technologies like JDT, and WTP with their Maven plugin analogs. A viable solution for the ever present tension between build automation and the IDE.

Mon, 2014-11-17 20:25

Using Xtext to build billion transistor chips and IoT devices

Building a modern billion transistor System-on-a-Chip (SoC) is a complex task requiring the integration of hundreds of customizable IP components and connections between them. The software to create these complex chips consists of various code-generators, performance simulators, logic synthesis tools, performance databases and place-and-route tools. Each tool typically uses its own domain specific languages to describe the input and outputs.

Mon, 2014-11-17 19:36

Making Eclipse with HTML and JavaScript fun again!

Come and see how Eclipse via the JBoss Tools team and their plugins have learned new tricks such as better JavaScript content assist and validation, Live reload of applications (no more refresh needed), AngularJS with Ionic components and visual preview of html5 pages.

All of this plus more I’ll cover and outline how we have helped fix issues in Eclipse Java Script Development Tools (JSDT) and how we plan to continue improving and contributing features in the upcoming Mars release – hopefully with your help.


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