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Since the focus shifted by the Android Open Source project to work on Android Studio, the Android Development Tools project has been in maintenance mode. No new features have been added to the project, and the feature set for Eclipse users that want to do development for the Android platform has been lagging behind ever since. Enter the Andmore tooling project at eclipse.

This is a fork of the Android Development Tools open source project, and revitalization of the MOTODEV Studio project. The MOTODEV Tools sat idle since it's donation to the Android Open Source project and was unattended. The combination of the ADT core and the Enterprise focused plugins from the MOTODEV Studio code forms the base of the Andmore Tools Project at Eclipse.

The goals of the project are to provide an extensible platform in which additional Android tooling can be built and to provide the necessary tools that Android developers need to build their applications. Integration with Gradle, Maven, and other build tools is targeted, as well as support for AAR files, and allowing the tooling to behave as a good Eclipse citizen. A separate Eclipse package is intended so Android developers can get all the tools they need from one place.

We will discuss the current state of the tooling, what is planned, and how the community can help move things forward. The project will strive work with the Android Open Source Project to help meet the needs of the Eclipse Android development community.

The project proposal can be found at the link below.


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Grand Peninsula EFG - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 16:15 to 16:50


I've updated the entry with the project proposal, also update the proposal to include the new proposed name of the project as well. i.e. changed from proteus to andmore.

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