Arduino designer : the making of!


What brings together a model, a microcontroller and a cat ? The Arduino Designer ! Last year, we demoed this new modeler which allows kids to easily write programs for Arduino platforms using a visual tool. The purpose of this new talk is to unveil the making-of of this modeler, by detailing how it is possible to quickly develop such a simple dedicated modeler thanks to Sirius.

We’ll start by explaining how to use Sirius to create graphical editors such as the ones provided by the Arduino Designer. Then we’ll see how to simplify the Eclipse UI to keep the minimum useful interactions for an RCP application dedicated to kids. Finally, we’ll discuss how to integrate the modeler with a code generator and how to combine it with the Arduino tools to build and upload software into the Arduino hardware platform.

Join this session, and discover the power of graphical designers, the simplicity of creating new ones and integrating them with existing tools!

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Grand Peninsula EFG - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05


Can you upload the slides elsewhere? I am unable to download them the current site. It is failing every time I try to login.

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