Building IOT APIs - Dos and Dont's


IOT is still a young concept - yet to mature into something well-defined and applied. Some define it as a problem of scale; some see it as a problem of speed and yet others view it as a dilemma dealing with the sheer variety of devices. As we trode on uncharted territory to build a device agnostic IOT platform, we fell prey to a few hidden monsters and unseen quagmires. We have emerged bruised, heavily caffeinated and while we are not completely done, we have acquired some pearls of wisdom in the process.

IOT APIs embody the brain mass between the user and the devices which allow the two sides to communicate with each other. There are different challenges to consider when building APIs for the devices vs. building APIs that talk to the user. This talk focuses on the lessons learnt while building both these APIs with an emphasis on key dos and don'ts. We will dive into the major components of an IOT platform, expose common pitfalls and present solutions using existing and newly created open source tools and standards.


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Harbour AB - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05