Capella time-lapse: A system architecture model in 30 minutes


We propose to bring you in a dimension where time is accelerated. Diagrams that usually take hours to be created will be populated in seconds. A system architectural design which usually takes months to complete will be finalized in minutes. An accelerated journey in the modeling of an in-flight entertainment system will take you through successive engineering phases.

  • Operational Analysis: What the users of the system need to accomplish.
  • System Need Analysis: What the system has to accomplish for the users.
  • Logical Architecture: How the system will work so as to fulfill expectations.
  • Physical Architecture: How the system will be developed and built.

The systems Thales is developing are complex and diverse: Air traffic management systems, rail signaling systems, defense mission systems, secure communications systems, satellite ground stations and payloads, etc. Model-based systems engineering (MBSE) is a key lever to face the growing complexity of these systems.

MBSE makes architecture models become the reference of all engineering activities. Models help understand and analyze customer needs, support architecture trade-off analyses, formalize the interfaces between subsystems, drive integration and validation activities, etc. Arcadia and Capella form the backbone of the Thales MBSE solution.

Arcadia is an engineering method promoting both a clear separation between need and solution modeling and a multi-viewpoint approach to architecture engineering. Capella is a Polarsys open source project providing a graphical modeling workbench dedicated to systems, hardware and software architectural design. Capella embeds Arcadia methodological guidance.

Arcadia and Capella are widely deployed in all Thales domains worldwide. The Clarity 3-years funded project involving several industries, consultancy companies, and tool providers aims at growing an ecosystem around Capella. The objective of this talk is to explain, from an industry perspective, what system architectural design is and how Capella supports it.

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Harbour AB - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 14:30 to 15:05