Develop visually appealing e4 RCP applications with e4 and e(fx)clipse

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You've come to the conclusion that SWT is not able to deliver the user experience you require for your RCP application.

You don't want all the knowledge you have about the Eclipse 4 Application Platform with its application model and dependency injection container render useless? This is the tutorial for you!

Learn in this tutorial how you apply all your know-how by ditching SWT and use JavaFX as the UI-Technology of choice allowing you to use CSS to style really everything, make use of nice transition effects and many many more advanced features available from the e(fx)clipse runtime platform.

In this tutorial we will:

  • Learn define JavaFX RCP applications with the help of the e(fx)clipse e4 runtime platform - we assume DI and the application model are not alien to you
  • Look some advanced core APIs of the efxclipse runtime to make e.g. logging or publishing information to the DI-Container even more powerful
  • Learn how to use e(fx)clipse components e.g. to view 3d models of Lego Bricks
  • ...

The end result of the tutorial will be an application similar to

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