DSLs on the JVM - An Introduction to Xbase


Xtext makes it easy to define domain specific languages, but making your DSL a first class programming artifact with support for expressions and integration with Java is a hard thing if you do it from scratch.

The Xbase library is an integral part of the Xtext framework. Xbase implements the bridge from DSLs to Java. It greatly simplifies your language implementation, if you want to run your DSL on the JVM. Xbase consists of a very powerful Java-like expression grammar and implements all the necessary infrastructure to link your DSL against existing Java types, compile it to executable code and validate it against the JVM specific constraints.

In this session I want to explain how Xbase works under the covers and dive into its APIs. You will see, how to enhance your language and make it highly expressive and powerful without introducing an artificial gap to the Java platform. If you want your DSL to be a first class programming artifact, come to this session and see how to benefit best from Xbase.

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Bayside AB - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 13:30 to 14:05