The five elements of IoT security, open source to the rescue!


More and more IoT vulnerabilities are found and showcased at security events. From connected thermostats to power plants!
Insecurity became the favorite subject for creating catchy IoT headlines: "Connected killer toaster", "Fridges changed into spamming machines","Privacy concerns around connected home".

We will explore the five challenges one has to face when building a secure IoT solution:
- hardware security: how to avoid rogue firmwares and keep your security keys safe?
- upgrade strategy: you can't secure what you can't update!
- secure transport: no security without secure transports.
- security credentials distribution: how to distribute security keys to a fleet with millions of devices?
- cloud vulnerability mitigation, how to keep your fleet of devices safe from the next Heartbleed?

Current enterprise infrastructure provides solutions for handling application security but are they really matching the IoT challenge? Could running a PKI client on a low power wireless sensor node be an option?

Despite those difficulties, we will show how a modern IoT device management standard like Lightweight M2M with DTLS is the way for building a secur-first IoT solutions. It provides a solution for upgrading your device, distributing your security keys and comes with a full range of cryptography cipher suites, from PSK algorithm for very constrained devices to high level of security using X.509 certificates.

Furthermore for adding security to your solution we will present you ready to use opensource libraries for implementing secure IoT servers and devices. The way for quickly releasing your next catchy connected product.!

Ultimately we will showcase Wakaama and Leshan, the Eclipse IoT Lightweight M2M implementation maybe your next best friend in the troubled water of Internet-Of-Things security!


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Harbour AB - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 14:15 to 14:50