How to cook an egg with the Eclipse Communication Framework and Nebula.


In this talk we will cook a perfect egg, live on stage, using a heat sensor, a Raspberry Pi, the Eclipse Communication Framework, Nebula and the internet.

Now we have Java8 running on the Raspberry Pi, the time of programming in assembler is again behind us and we can happily switch back to Java. In combination with ECF we can use this new breed of embedded devices to setup a network of things that uses out of the box ECF discovery mechanisms and its OSGi remote service implementation. Sensor networks have never been easier to program.

In addition, the user interface will be programmed using the awesome Eclipse Nebula widgets.

What will you learn in this talk:

  • What is an OSGi remote service
  • What is ECF
  • What is ECF Discovery
  • How to read a sensor on a Raspberry Pi with Java
  • How to communicate the output of this sensor with a remote service to an endpoint
  • How to boil a perfect egg with this technology
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