How to keep Eclipse on the bleeding edge in the Linux world


Eclipse SWT currently supports the older GTK+ 2.x versions as well as the newer, binary and API incompatible GTK+ 3.x versions (based on availability) on Linux distributions. This is intended to ensure that Eclipse works seamlessly on a wide variety of Linux operating system versions including the very latest releases. However, this also means that SWT needs to be continually improved to handle the large range of GTK+ versions that is supported by Eclipse. This talk will provide an overview of developments in SWT which facilitated supporting both the incompatible streams of GTK+ using the same set of libraries, highlighting some of the major challenges and issues that had to be tackled and resolved (including alternate implementations to work around major breakages in GTK+) in order to provide a good end-user experience. It will also discuss the roadmap for upgrading SWT in tandem with the bleeding edge versions of GTK+ in order to take advantage of the many improvements it brings.


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Grand Peninsula EFG - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00