J2V8 A Highly Efficient JS Runtime For Java


Javascript is a ubiquitous runtime. From the development of interactive user interfaces to complex business logic to highly performant servers, Javascript is everywhere. Javascript is one of the few runtimes available across a wide variety of platforms including all flavours of desktops, servers, and most mobile platforms.

While Javascript is a powerful technology, rich integration with the rest of the system is still very important. Many technologies exist that bring Javascript to the Java platform, such as Rhino and Nashorn, but there are serious limitations here, especially on mobile platforms where these technologies are not always available.

To address this, we have developed and open sourced J2V8, a rich set of Java bindings for Google’s V8. These bindings expose the V8 API to Java developers enabling V8 embedding directly into a Java application.

In this talk we will introduce J2V8 and present how the original design of SWT inspired us. We will explain how we integrated V8, an engine entirely written in C++, with Java. We will demonstrate the J2V8 API, explore the performance characteristics of our approach and highlight some Eclipse tools that will help you develop, debug and deploy Javascript applications on J2V8.


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Grand Peninsula EFG - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 15:15 to 15:50