Java ME 8 and MTJ 2.0: Now IoT Ready


Java™ ME 8 is major update of Java™ ME technology as a modern embedded software platform, purpose-built as a foundation for new services in the Internet Of Things. Java™ ME 8 has been designed to enable advanced embedded software intelligence and increased product value for a wide range of use cases and solutions while maintaining very low system requirements.

Mobile Tools for Java™ (MTJ) project creates tools and frameworks to extend Eclipse platform to support embedded and mobile device Java application development. MTJ 2.0 release is making MTJ plugin IoT ready by supporting Java™ ME 8 platform.

In this talk we will introduce you into Oracle Java™ ME 8.1 Embedded platform and will show how to quickly develop embedded applications using Oracle Java™ ME SDK 8.1, Eclipse and MTJ 2.0 for the boards like Raspberry Pi and Freescale FRDM-K64F.

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