Mon, 2014-11-17 09:21

Xtext for Beginners

Xtext is a framework that makes it easy to build great tooling for languages. This includes a smart editor, incremental building, a symbol index, code generation, Java integration, and much more. Both domain-specific and general-purpose languages are supported.

Sun, 2014-11-16 22:00

Papyrus-RT - an open-source UML-RT tool

Modelling tools targeting real-time, embedded software intensive systems have traditionally been the purview of large, commercial software vendors, whose tools are often based on decades-old technology. With the explosive growth, over the last decade, of open source software, we feel the time is right to bring out new, open source tooling taking advantage of modern technologies and up-to-date standards.

Sat, 2014-11-15 17:08

Eclipse/STEM Community Modeling Support for Global Ebola Response

In response to the Ebola outbreak in western Africa, the members of the Eclipse STEM project (SpatioTemporal Epidemiological Modeler) opened our community to an international community of experts including modelers, epidemiologists, virologists, anthropologists, operational staff and others. Our goal was to connect modelers with those in needs of modeling and with those who had relevant data to better understand how the disease spreads and to quantify the effects of possible interventions.

Fri, 2014-11-14 03:20

Model Migration with Edapt

EMF is very successful in the Eclipse Ecosystem and is found in many applications - even in the Eclipse Platform starting with 4.x. With EMF, models can be defined very quickly and instances of the created models can be created and stored by the users (e.g., in XML files). The problem that will inevitably arise over time is that these models will at some point need to be changed. And this is where things get ugly. What about the model instances your users already have? Do they still conform to your new model? How can you migrate them to the new model?

Thu, 2014-11-13 11:58

RepreZen DSL: Pushing the limits of language usability with XText

Many DSLs are convenient alternatives to hand-coding or generic data formats. Others are unique in their solution space, providing the best way, sometimes the only way, to describe a particular model or program.

But what about DSLs that have to compete with other languages? When language readability, extensibility, and efficiency of expression are key to the success of your product, what language design ideas can we bring to the table, and what techniques will make them work in XText?

Mon, 2014-11-03 08:39

Modeling Symposium

The modeling community is among the most active and diverse in Eclipse's ecosystem. The modeling symposium aims to provide a forum for community members to present a brief overview of their work. We will encourage 10-minute lightning talks to facilitate a broad range of speakers. The primary goal is to introduce new and interesting technology features. We will open up an informal call for submissions from the community. Depending on the number, we will select submissions that will create a diverse slate of talks.

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