MQTT-SN: MQTT for UDP, ZigBee and Other Transports


MQTT is a messaging protocol designed so that it can be implemented on the smallest devices, so it is ideal for the Internet of Things. One reason that it is so simple is that it leaves complications such as fragmentation and error correction to the underlying transport, TCP/IP. However there are other transports which we would like MQTT to be able to take advantage of, because their overhead is lower, or they use less power, for instance. This session is about MQTT-SN, and the tools for using it in the Eclipse Paho and Mosquitto projects.

I will show how you can use these tools to build solutions which incorporate both MQTT and MQTT-SN, TCP/IP and other transports, all in one. As well as including the client-server topology of MQTT, MQTT-SN also allows mesh networking, peer to peer messaging and multi-casting -- which I will explain and demonstrate.

I will cover the existing capabilities of the Paho and Mosquitto tools for MQTT-SN, and our plans for the future.


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Harbour AB - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 16:15 to 16:50