Rise of the Machines - orchestrating Things with a Bit of Stardust

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As technologies for IoT nodes are becoming more standardized and commodity, it is now possible to involve communication with sensors and actors at possibly different locations in more complex workflows: the signal from an infrared sensor initiates a collection of pictures taken from cameras in a building checked with an online web service for image recognition against the building directory, building manager and police department are alarmed in case of no match etc.

The presentation will explain how scenarios like the above can easily be materialized with the Stardust IoT Package which communicates with with libraries like Johnny Five via REST for actor operation invocation and WebSockets for sensor event notification and correlation to assemble these events and operations to complex workflows with human intervention including mobile notification.

We will also discuss discovery, security, availability and recovery challenges.

We will demo an end-to-end scenario with sensors and actors on multiple Arduino boards, process orchestration via Eclipse Stardust - the largest Open Source Business Process Management Suite in the industry - and a lot of sound and light.

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