Rover Use Case, Specification and design using Polarsys Tools : Papyrus, ReqCycle and Gendoc


In this session, we will show you how it is possible to use Polarsys tools for the Vee Cycle of the ROVER project. The ROVER project wants to create an earth drone using all the Polarsys tools. We propose to illustrate the usage of ReqCycle, Papyrus and GenDoc using this example.

Requirements exist all along the Vee cycle, from stakeholders to code, with several intermediate levels like system and software requirements. During engineering, we need to trace those requirements, to guarantee the requirements’ respect, with different artifacts: model elements, documents, code, tests… and there can be different models with different languages.

ReqCycle is an Open Source solution able to manage requirements and their traceability during industrial development. On top of Eclipse technologies, ReqCycle is contained in PolarSys project, an Eclipse Industry working Group.

Based on the "Polarsys Use Case", we will demonstrate how ReqCycle can help users to create, import requirements and trace them all over the Vee cycle and during the ROVER project life. To do this demonstration, we will use several Polarsys tool in addition of ReqCycle as Papyrus or GenDoc. Moreover, we will show how ReqCycle can transform requirement source in ReqIF format or how it can generate project status file. We will conclude by showing how ReqCycle can perform impact analysis between revisions contained in a SCM tool.

We will also present latest features of ReqCycle like UI customization.

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Harbour AB - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 13:45 to 14:20