Tasty Recipes for OSGi Bundles


You have a library that you'd like to use in your OSGi project? Then stop by in this session and see if the Eclipse Bundle Recipes project has a tasty bundle for your. If not than you will learn how easy it is to consume a library from Maven and turn it into an OSGi bundle. We will also demonstrate how the recipes and build system can be deployed in your local environment to create bundles at large scale and consumed in your builds. Last but not least, we will also show you how to contribute recipes to the EBR project.


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Grand Peninsula D - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 13:45 to 14:20


Max, bnd is used for the recipes. Maven is used for assembling. Tycho is used for generating p2 metadata. However, two reactor runs are required till you get the generated bundle into a p2 repo. You do 'mvn install' first on the EBR bundle project and then in a new reactor run create a p2 repository which consumes the bundle from the local Maven repo.

BTW, EBR also comes with a Maven plug-in which support creating new recipe projects from Maven artifacts out of Maven central (or other repos) including Eclipse about files.

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