Unleashing the Java 8 Tooling in Eclipse


With Java 8 out the door, it is an exciting time to be a Java developer. The new features in Java 8 are about to change the way you write code and to give it a spin, you have the tooling support in Eclipse ready at your disposal. The Eclipse compiler for Java supports all the new Java 8 language enhancements. The existing IDE functionality has been retooled and new tools have been added to make Eclipse ready for Java 8.

If you have a basic understanding of the new features in Java 8, come here and get a glimpse of the goodies provided by Eclipse as part of its Java 8 support. This session is not intended to introduce the Java 8 concepts, but rather demonstrate the Java 8 tooling in Eclipse.

In this session, I will use JDK 8 and Eclipse to show how to get started with Java 8 in Eclipse. I will demonstrate how the new Java 8 constructs blend with the existing functionality in Eclipse and how the new tooling features make your experience with Java 8 more convenient and pleasant.

Some of the features that you will see in action include:
•    Converting anonymous class creations to lambda expressions (and back)
•    Converting method references to lambda expressions (and back)
•    Changing lambda’s body to block or expression
•    Adding inferred lambda parameter types
•    Identifying and navigating to the functional method
•    Code formatter options for lambda expressions
•    Content assist, Search, Debug support
•    Quick fixes supporting interface methods
•    Type annotations based static null analysis 


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Grand Peninsula D - Tuesday, March 10, 2015 - 17:00 to 18:00