Viewpoint: the making of. Customizing your MBE Workbench with Kitalpha in 20 minutes


Kitalpha provides the viewpoint technology with the ability to seamlessly extend Capella, a PolarSys MBSE workbench for System Engineering, but also EMF-based workbenches. The purpose of a viewpoint is to address an engineering concern, such as performance, safety or security. As a rich extension in Eclipse, it adapts or adds the definition of new data, diagrams, user interfaces, validation rules for instance.

The purpose of this talk is to present how to make this real!

Behind the scene, you can discover a dialog between a system engineer and software designer. Step by step they create a viewpoint with a textual DSL (Domain-Specific Language), deploy and finally use it in their workbench. But they have a deadline and big challenge: they only have 20 minutes left now....

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Harbour AB - Thursday, March 12, 2015 - 15:15 to 15:50