The Vorto Project - Advanced Device Integration


Standardization organizations and industry consortia work hard on device abstraction related standards. Some of them are domain specific, some are very generic, and all of them are useful for a large number of use cases. However in most cases there is no tooling available that allows for creating and managing standard conform device representations. It is also the case that many standards are very complex and it is not easy to validate existing abstract representations of devices against the standard.

The Vorto project is an approach to leverage the standardization of so called Information Models. Information models are abstract representations of real world devices following a meta information model which is also part of the project. The meta information model shall be very flexible and easy to use. In addition, the project scope includes an eclipse based toolset  that allows for creating information models, a repository for finding, managing and sharing information models, and last but not least a set of code generators that allow for the creation of information model based code artifacts to be employed in specific solutions. In our talk we would like to give you an overview about the scope of the project and provide a glimpse at the components we are working on including:

  • the current version of the Information Meta Model,
  • the current version of the toolset,
  • and a few examples for code generators.


Schedule info
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Harbour AB - Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 15:00 to 15:35