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IncQuery Labs Ltd.
Co-Founder and Partner


EMF, model validation and analysis, model processing, design space exploration, optimization


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Ákos Horváth has a PhD in Software Engineering and an MSc in Computer Engineering. He is an active researcher in the area of model-driven engineering with a special focus on model translations technologies, design space exploration and their application for safety-critical system development. He is a major contributor for both the VIATRA2 and the EMF-IncQuery projects. He has participated in several industrial and European FP6 and FP7 research projects most of them focusing on the avionics domain. Additionally, he is an active submitter to major software engineering conferences like ASE, MODELS, ICST, etc. and has more then 40 peer reviewed papers.

Company webpage http://www.incquerylabs.com/
Academic webpage: https://inf.mit.bme.hu/en/members/ahorvath